Angela Conner’s iArtBook is now available

Posted on Feb 12, 2016 in News, Uncategorised
Angela Conner’s iArtBook is now available

Angela Conner is pleased to present her first iArtBook, available for purchase and download from the iTunes store.

Angela Conner 2015

“Angela Conner makes sculptures that only come to full life as they move…To look at her constructions is to understand how they work; how a piece of metal pivots or a pocket filled with water can make a sphere start to roll.”Rachel Campbell-Johnston, chief art critic for The Times.

Also known for her bronze portraits of notable figures, the majority of Conner’s works are lage-scale kinetic sculptures that harness the power of natural forces to produce subtle, yet determined movement.  While this creates a tranquil, lyrical, and impossible-to-ignore atmosphere in person, it is very difficult to translate onto the static page. The undertaking of an iArtBook presented Conner with a platform to include her most riveting mobile artworks in a composition that integrates interactive galleries, video and audio.

A number of videos show the works in motion, allowing readers to better experience the expressive nature of Conner’s kinetic art. Additional footage shows the installation of ‘Wave’, a 39m (129ft) high free-standing installation in Dublin – the tallest mobile sculpture in Europe. Further behind-the-scenes insight is provided through a concept film and construction images of a new work, ‘Renaissance’ at Hatfield House.

A contributory essay, exclusive to this iArtBook, by leading art critic Rachel Campbell-Johnston offers a further appraisal of Conner’s practice, and a comprehensive Index provides listings of all of the featured works including their locations, as many are installed in public spaces.

Published by Elizabeth Beecher Publishing, the leader in innovative art publications which enable users to interact with, and immerse themselves in, art.