Renaissance at Hatfield House

Posted on Apr 12, 2016 in News, News & Events, Recent Commissions
Renaissance at Hatfield House

On the 26th of March the 2016 season for Hatfield House opened with a new look on its north front. Renaissance has assumed it’s permanent position and opened it’s first full season at Hatfield House.

(SMALL)Angela Conner, Renaissance, 2016, water mobile, stainless steel and resin, 7.9 m diameter, permanent installation at Hatfield House. Courtesy the artist, photo credit John Bulmer

The two large ‘split rings’ slowly lift and fall. As they rise, water cascades down the top surface. The water collects at the bottom, and the weight causes the split rings to rise. The water is then shed, and the sculpture slowly lowers again. After cycling a few times, a curious mist appears in the centre of the pool. Then, very slowly, a huge, golden sphere rises from beneath the water’s surface. This gleaming globe then sinks again into the darkness below the surface.

Renaissance is Angela’s largest stainless steel water sculpture to date, and the first contemporary art work to be commissioned for the 400 year old Jacobean House. Completed in 1611 adjacent to the site of Queen Elizabeth I’s childhood home, Hatfield House is home to the current Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury.