Sneak Peak: New Concept Drawings

Posted on Apr 21, 2017 in News, News & Events
Sneak Peak: New Concept Drawings

I have been working on big drawings of sculpture ideas for a wonderful memorial park proposed to be situated within a heavy industrial area in Hereford. The purpose of the park, mainly, is in memory of the thousands of women who joined the WWI efforts in a munitions factory. Many of these women suffered serious lifelong illness in their heroic bid to help. The memorial project is a long term one that is still in the early planning stages.

Evidently it was drawings month, as I have also sent ideas to a longtime friend and art producer who is involved in the managing of many public sculptures, and had some thoughts of possible sites.

Drawings are one of the earliest stages in a project, and don’t always get shown to the public. I am happy to be able to share two of them with all of you.

DRAWING SAMPLE 2 for email campaign DARWING SAMPLE 1 for email campaign