“Wave” turns 16

Posted on Mar 18, 2017 in News, News & Events, Uncategorised
“Wave” turns 16

Despite gales or vandals, we’re celebrating “Wave” continuing to happily wave for 16 years. It is thought to be the tallest mobile sculpture in the world, certainly in Europe.

Wave responds to the wind and can move in 360°, returning to it’s upright position due to a huge basket of lead below. It has always been a much enjoyed sculpture, never, to date, needing repair to its carbon resin and stainless steel structure.

When this enormous sculpture was being made, it grew so big it began to force its way out of the warehouse door like a great giraffe. As the shipment date came close, I didn’t see any way of a truck being able to go around a roundabout with it all in one piece. I had nightmares of having to ask cottages to be partially demolished. There were only two trucks available in the country able to take it’s length. Heanor Haulage from Northumberland was chosen, and with the gentleness of a lover handling a rose, they put it safely on their truck, and never had any problems, hold ups, or even touching a grass verge right up to the site in Dublin.

The piece was commissioned by Pat Doherty, the developer, who also commissioned several other pieces for his business park, which unlike others, really is like a park.

It can be seen by the public at any time at the Park West Business Park off the N7 between the airport and the centre of Dublin.


Park West Business Park
Park West Avenue
New Nangor Road
Dublin 12, D12 RW01


David Greenwood and team at Composite Wings – Fabrication
Nigel I’Anson – Steel Structure
Arup Engineering – Many helpful Meetings
Grants Marble – Marble base
Heanor Haulage – Transportation